ice cream +

Small batch 
                                        Toronto, ON

Custard based ice creams
  • asian inspired
  • nostalgic flavours
  • no preservatives or stabilizers

  • of all kind
  • we like to make delicious things

As a Pastry Chef, Luanne Ronquillo, worked in restaurants and bakeries for a few years before switching to the corporate world for almost a decade. In 2017, after a random decision to make ice cream for fun, she founded Ruru Baked.

Ruru Baked has collaborated and worked with brands like Nike, Girl Gang Goodies, and Toronto IG personality @chefgrantsoto.


We want Ruru Baked to be more than just ice cream and treats. In order to serve a bigger purpose, we donate a portion of all ice cream sales to a charitable organization, which will be chosen biannually.

Donations made: January - June 2018 : Daily Bread Food Bank - $100
July 2018 - June 2019: The Stop Community Food Centre