ice cream +

Small batch 
                                        Toronto, ON

Custard based ice creams
  • asian inspired
  • nostalgic flavours
  • no preservatives or stabilizers

  • of all kind
  • we like to make delicious things

As a Pastry Chef, Luanne Ronquillo, worked in restaurants and bakeries for a few years before switching to the corporate world for almost a decade. In 2017, after a random decision to make ice cream for fun, she founded Ruru Baked.

Ruru Baked has collaborated and worked with brands like Nike, Girl Gang Goodies, HoegaardenMack House, and Toronto IG personality @chefgrantsoto.


We want Ruru Baked to be more than just ice cream and treats. In order to serve a bigger purpose, we donate a portion of ice cream sales to a charitable organization.

Donations made: January - June 2018 : Daily Bread Food Bank - $100
July 2018 -  October 2019: TBD - $400