small batch +
custard ice creams

Toronto, ON

Custard based ice creams
  • asian inspired
  • nostalgic flavours
  • no preservatives or stabilizers
  • made with all natural ingredients

As a Pastry Chef, Luanne Ronquillo, worked in restaurants and bakeries for a few years before switching to the corporate world for almost a decade. In 2017, after a random decision to make ice cream for fun, she founded Ruru Baked.

Ruru Baked has collaborated and worked with brands like Nike, Girl Gang Goodies, HoegaardenMack House, Imanishi, Color Cannabis, Vitamix and Toronto IG personality @chefgrantsoto.


All of our ice creams are handmade, with all natural ingredients, in small batches and take 3 days to make. We do not use any preservatives, stabilizers, and do our best to stay away from artificial flavorings and colors.


Day 1: Make and flavor the ice cream base

Our custard based ice cream is cooked using a high butterfat recipe of cream, milk, egg yolks, and sugar. After we make the base it is cooled overnight in the fridge to really take on the flavor of the ice cream and to thicken.

Day 2: Churn the ice cream

We churn the ice cream in small batches with 30% overrun. Overrun is the amount of air incorporated into the ice cream during the churning process. The less overrun, the less air you are eating, which means a more dense and creamy mouthfeel. Once the ice cream is churned it needs to sit in the freezer overnight for the last bit of freezing.

Day 3: Ready to scoop

After the final freeze it’s ready to eat!


We want Ruru Baked to be more than just ice cream and treats. In order to serve a bigger purpose, we donate what we can to charitable organizations. 

Donations made: January - June 2018: Daily Bread Food Bank - $100
July 2018 -  October 2019: Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (Adopted Elephant Larro + Donated) - $200 FEAT for Children of Incarcerated Parents - $200